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We are the hopeless mistakes, we stand side by side.

Life is not a rehearsal




10th March 2007

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15th January 2007

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Im calm now, im only angry when i have to explain the whole thing again..

First exam done...

Next and Last one...My bday.. wonderful

Btw it was believe if you had sex whilst on your period your baby would be deformed.... 
Fact of the night folks.

10th January 2007

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im so angry im shaking and i cant see stright. For the people i consider friends i shall make a custom group for you and you shall read why tomorrow...

I think im fucking going to be sick....

1st January 2007

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Everyones doing it...

New years eve.. a great night (Kate you hold a good party my dear)
I began 2007 running down Pooley view with my top off... i feel this shall be a good year :D

I really want to sleep.. i need to sleep considering i got in at 7.30 this morning and havent been to bed yet. But alas i shall not, ill troop on.

31st December 2006

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Happy new year folks!!

Hope you have a cracking night whatever your doing. 
2007 it has a 7 in it, it can only be a lucky year!

30th December 2006

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Change of plan... Im home on the 4th

5 days left then im in Swansea land

Im going to miss my cat though.

27th December 2006

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Im going home soon :D

8th or the 9th, or even before ill be back home!! YAY!

24th December 2006

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I think this may be the worst hangover ive ever had... I still cant move my head and its 2pm!
Half of last night i remember, the other half however i do not.
... i came out of my room to my mum telling me the glasses were still on the floor and that my jeans were downstairs. When i got in (god knows how i got through the door etc) it seems i took off my jeans in the living room and found a pinny, which was in my room this morning instead of my jeans...

Im NEVER drinking at  that much again.

Xmas tomorrow... fun times. 
To all of you who like it.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope you all have fun!!!

To all of you like myself who hate xmas.... It will all be over soon :D

21st December 2006

(no subject)

Me and Scott are no longer on a break. Me and Scott are no more. 
He wanted an answer last night, i gave it to him.

I guess we both just have to get on with our lives now.

It hurts, but ive made the decision now. Just he doesnt even want to speak to me, but i guess thats all in the aftermath and healing of it all.

17th December 2006

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Fuck it. I dont care how embarrassing this seems

Nelly Furtado feat Chris Martin-Why do all good things come to an end... REALLY makes me feel better and the lyrics just do what there meant to...     "Lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end"

That and Christina Aguilera-Hurt

Is it that bad im so tempted to buy the albums!!
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