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We are the hopeless mistakes, we stand side by side.

Fuck it. I dont care how embarrassing this seems Nelly Furtado feat…

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Fuck it. I dont care how embarrassing this seems

Nelly Furtado feat Chris Martin-Why do all good things come to an end... REALLY makes me feel better and the lyrics just do what there meant to...     "Lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end"

That and Christina Aguilera-Hurt

Is it that bad im so tempted to buy the albums!!
  • it is really odd when you hear songs that you can relate to and when you hear the lyrics its a bit like they are singing about your love situation and what you are going through,

    you have to count yourself lucky that you did not go out with someone who is obsessive, i split with my girlfriend a few months back and im still getting reprecussions now, her friends are starting to make up things saying that i said them and her whole friends have turned against me (i never really liked her friends anyway, they are not really nice people to be associated with) and its just got crazy

    2 songs that i heard though, while i was with her i felt i had no freedom or anything, i couldent express myself creativitly or anything, i felt trapped in a box, then i heard the cast song free me

    then her the situation with her friends arose and i heard the song silence is easy by starsaiilor


    dont worry about stuff though, its crap at first but it gets better at the end


    • I guess its all part of musics job, to make you relate and feel better.
      Good song chioces there-cast and starsailor. But least they did their job eh, letting you relate etc.

      Ok hearing that i am lucky he never got obsessive. Thats shit though what happened to you, that she turned out like that. If her friends turned out like that better to be not involved i guess.

      And thanks, i do hope it gets better, im just confused myself by what ive done and if ive made the right decision. I just dont know anymore.
      • if it makes you happy then you gotta do it, if it diddent feel right then you have to correct it, there is no point walking round sad for the rest of your life and being with someone that you dont realy love, or you will end up just regretting it,

        it will get better, you just go through that 'missing someone' stage at first, but that soon passes , takes a bit of time to get used to at first but it does get better just do things that you like doing, dont dwell on the past , look to the future

        love/relationships are about learning to develop

        • Thankyou ever so much for the advice, i do appreciate it :)

          I hope it does get better, it is already a bit, but thats because i havent stopped for a few days.
          Thing is he does make me happy, just i got bored. So wheres the point? I dont see one. The fact that i questioned the relationship shows it didnt feel right, but the fact that im so confused surely shows that i still want him?.. God knows... It will sort it self out.
          • the point is, that there isnt one like you say if you were questionoing the relationship then it did not feel right, relationships have to feel right to work (jeez, the love thing is so complicated, hence the reason i let all my feelings go on my animation and artwork as if i try to explain how i feel to someone then i get toungetied and confused) there has to be that side from you that does not get bored and is exited to see that person, i had a simlar thing with my ex-gf, i just felt that things were not going anywhere with her i felt physically trapped, and it got to that point where i was dreading her comming up over the weekend i used to hate the weekends, then i thought i should not feel like that so i did something about it (prehaps if i had moved to russia after that then it would have been a diffrent story as her and her friends are still annoying me now!) but yes, you have to find someone who you can relate with and talk things through and someone who you dont get bored with, prehaps you jumped into something a bit too fast, i know i do that all the time then think 'bloody hell' you just need to hang out with someone for a while then see where that leads,

            if you ever need advice then i am here or someone to yell at moan at or talk to,

            take care

            • Thankyou, i dont yell much but boy do i moan. The offers straight back at you, im always online and my msn is on my profile :)
              Its sorted now, We broke up properly now. I dont know why, he wanted an answer, that was my answer at the time. Now just have to deal with it all and the aftermath.

              Love is so very complicated. Its a double edged sword. Causes so much pain and happiness.Bloody feelings!!

              Maybe if you had moved to Russia things might have still gone like they did but youd be even more trapped. Least you did something about it though before it moved further even more, somewhere you didnt want to go. Just have to put up with the aftermath still.
              • the aftermath is the worst thing, especially with her friends, i never liked her friends as they always had to be better than you and put you down and make you feel small, so i refused to hang out with them, i thought they always caused friction between us just because i did not like who they were, but its crazy as their friends always seem to make you to be the bad person people never listen to both sides and think 'well he used to dread weekends and he felt trapped' then they have to go around making stories up about you just to turn everyone against you, i dont know why they just cant leave it be

                love is crazy, you love someone only to find out you dont really love them, and your feelings change towards them, its like one of those jigsaw puzzles that you try to work out

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