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We are the hopeless mistakes, we stand side by side.

Me and Scott are no longer on a break. Me and Scott are no…

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Me and Scott are no longer on a break. Me and Scott are no more. 
He wanted an answer last night, i gave it to him.

I guess we both just have to get on with our lives now.

It hurts, but ive made the decision now. Just he doesnt even want to speak to me, but i guess thats all in the aftermath and healing of it all.
  • sorry to hear that,

    he says he dosent want to talk to you cos he is hurting, but i think sometimes in relationships you have to hurt people to be happy yourself give him a bit of time, he will get over it,

    • Oh well, i guess it had to be done. I hope time will let him get over me and be friends again at least.
      Thankyou, xx
  • I think you needed to make a decision, i know its hard though.
    I'm sure scooter will get over it eventually, he will find it hard at first tho and you can understand him not wanting to talk to you, you have made your choice now and he has to respect that and you have to respect his way of coping, even if it may seem a little childish or hard on you.

    call me if you need me!

    love you!

    xx xx xx
    • Ah hes allowed to be hard on me. Its my own doing so i cant complain. I knew it would hurt him, but its done now.
      I do hope he comes round though.

      So nice seeing you Tuesday missy!!!
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