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We are the hopeless mistakes, we stand side by side.

I think this may be the worst hangover ive ever had... I still cant…

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I think this may be the worst hangover ive ever had... I still cant move my head and its 2pm!
Half of last night i remember, the other half however i do not.
... i came out of my room to my mum telling me the glasses were still on the floor and that my jeans were downstairs. When i got in (god knows how i got through the door etc) it seems i took off my jeans in the living room and found a pinny, which was in my room this morning instead of my jeans...

Im NEVER drinking at  that much again.

Xmas tomorrow... fun times. 
To all of you who like it.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope you all have fun!!!

To all of you like myself who hate xmas.... It will all be over soon :D
  • i've had 3 hours sleep over the whole weekend, went out to a party on friday came home at 8 in the morning went to bed at 9 then got up at 11 and went to my brothers house stayed there for a couple of hours, then went to camden and went to a party there, we got out at 4 in the morning then went on a sroll to regents park sat there for a couple of hours talking and waiting for the sun to come up, i,ve had an amazing weekend but am bloody knackered!

    hope you are ok

    • That is a partying hard weekend...
      Least you have xmas day to sleep etc...

      Have a good xmas!!
      • i will be mainly sleeping and watching films, they have that united 93 film on sky box office looks interesting,

        you have a good one too

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