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We are the hopeless mistakes, we stand side by side.

im so angry im shaking and i cant see stright. For the people i…

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im so angry im shaking and i cant see stright. For the people i consider friends i shall make a custom group for you and you shall read why tomorrow...

I think im fucking going to be sick....
  • hope you are ok, just email me if you need to talk xx
  • hello everybody, u may not know me but i was lauras bf, i have had a lj acount for some time so i knew she posted here.

    but anyway to the point.
    i dont care about this anymore, i belive i can explain by what she means by this comment and because i am explaining that this will most likely be deleted but i want to at least try.

    i belive at the moment that our relationship ended due to her liking another person called hash, for months now she has been getting close to him and i have always known that he fancies her, she met this guy when laura was a first year student at uni so this is over a year, from the very begining i was unsure about this guy and i told laura my opinions about him, she told me that he wasnt her type of guy and that she didnt like him in that way, so being the sort of guy i am i let her get on with life, i never told her she couldnt do anything so they got friendlier and i was beliving that the promis she made that she didnt fancy him was still true, there was severl ocasions where he got a bit to close, i cant remember all of them but once he smaked her bum, this made me unhappy so i asked laura to tell him to stop, it did after a while and i thoght everything was ok.

    not that long ago she started going round his hous till 2 in the morning "playing mario cart", and knowing her for over a year i trusted her so never said anything.

    about a month ago as many of you may know our relationship ended and i dont feel i got a proper reason to why it ended, terms like the something special had gone was one of the reasons, she had more fun at swansea than here at polsworth, note that it was swansea and polsworth nothing to do with me directly.

    3 days after she wanted a break, not actualy broken up yet but just a break, she kissed hash, she told me it just happend, i asked her does she regret it, laura said at the time yes but not now no, i asked would you do it again and the reply was yes if we dont work out.

    now she is denying that the cause of the break up was cos of hash.

    after we had acutaly broken up i started to go over our relationship and try to see why it went wrong, i couldnt find much, she seemed happy when she was around me, always having fun, doing stuff together, i couldnt see what went wrong.

    this led me onto beliving that it wasnt my fault or our relationship and that there was another factor to this... hash.

    this would explain why she wouldnt want me, she found someone better.

  • also my nan, who i live with, when i first told her that me and laura broken up, the first thing she asked was, "is there another guy involved" "and is he anything to do with the radio" and i replied there might be and he is the joint head of the radio station.

    soon after lauras parents came round and droped my xmas presents of from laura, my nan asked them if they knew about this other guy and lauras mum replied with something like "i had an idea" while her dad just made a noise wich is what he does he isnt that talkative.

    now i thought it was odd how all 3 of them thought the same and this is one of the reasons that led me to belive that the break up was over hash.

    another reason was i found multiple sources of information that led me to also belive that this was because of hash. now i cant reveil the sources as what she is doing now and similar will occure, so this i belive is due to me obtaining information of people and is now acusing people of this when she dont know who it is.
    i knew this sort of thing would happen cos it happend to me, when we broke up i didnt hate her and just needed time to get over this, she still wanted to be friends and then i found a comment on here that i was unhappy with, as i was a friend i was under her "friends option" and could read her friends only post, soon after confronting her with this post she removed me from her friends list"

    other reasons why i belive that its down to hash is because of the reasons and stories of why the relationship are inconstistan with each other.
    also the fact that she is removing someone from her friends list indicates to me that she has told someone something that i wasnt ment to here holding information back from me and then i got told it.

    now i want your opinion on this so she can understand why i am so anoyed, angry and upset as she doesnt seem to see my side of the story.

    this is the only reason i can see why she "feels sick"

    ps sorry for the double post i went over the charactor count alowed for a single post
  • i beive i should explain a bit better what i ment by she doesnt understand my side of the story, i feel this way because she expects me to take her word on all of this and belive her and everything she says
  • Laura honey, it's okay. You know my number and you know I'm a good listener.

    but everything is gonna be okay. Even if I gotta kill someone to make it okay ;)
  • So im guessing im not considered a friend anymore...
  • Sorry i thought coz you usually post earlier that i wasnt in the group!!! SORRY!!! Hope your ok thou.
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