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We are the hopeless mistakes, we stand side by side.

10th March 2007

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  • ADD MEE!!!!!!!! (or feel my teeth!)
    • Dont worry, your already added. Its just my posts for months had been friends only so im just letting strangers know im still alive...
      For some... reason.
  • you love sam, i love sam. sam is lovely. i held a door open for him once. lets be friends

    • I like you already! Yes, lets be friends :D
      Hello, I'm Laura *waves*
      • hehehehehe

        well i figured if i'm going to hold hands with people i dont really know then we might as well have a mutual love of something good. and sam love is good.

        but yes, i'm owen

  • aw, just saw that you've got a radio show. i do one with freshair. it's the edinburgh uni station but i'm not actually at uni

    sorry, it wasnt that i didnt have a look at your profile or anything, just i clicked to see who else had sam in their interests and saw your wee black dollar bills picture and got excited

    • You have a radio shwo too. Ooo i might have to have a listen. What time are you on? Its cool they let you have a show despite not being at the uni though :D
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